Desire of the week: Stan Smith

12:14 PM


Good Morning :) 

It's a new week so I have a new thing for you guys. To compensate the lack of posts I decided to do two new articles on the blog. One is this new one "desire of the week" and the other one is a review. So I hope you like it. 

We all see a lot of Adidas by Stan Smith on the streets this year. It's the new in of sneakers. So yesterday I went to a mall and saw these beauties in black. OMG I fell in love they're so cute. I prefer the neon ones to the most seen: green. I love different things but when I saw these cuties ones... 
I left you a few images of how to wear Stan Smith. I hope you like it guys and have a great week :)  


Source: Tumblr and Google  

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