Review: Nude Lipstick

2:30 PM

Hi guys :) 

This is my first review post so I hope you like it and i'm so sorry for the bad quality of the photos but I broke my camera and had to take the pics with my iphone. 
You all know that I love fashion, but I love makeup too and in spite that I don't even have time to put some nice make up every day, I really love makeup. So last weekend I went to my fave mall and there's a new store: a makeup store. A new brand that I've never heard, It Style and as a lipstick addi cted as I am I have to bought a lipstick. I was searching for a nude lipstick for so long but I never find the perfect one. The girl who helped me was very nice and gave me this one to try, and I loved it. You can check more about the brand here

And I really hope you like this post :) 


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